Fort McMurray Heritage Wildfire Appeal

Donate to the Fort McMurray Heritage Wildfire Appeal to help Fort McMurray re-establish the history of the community and support those who have dedicated themselves to preserving the heritage of Fort McMurray and the surrounding areas.


The recent wildfire in Fort McMurray was a devastating event that forced an entire community to flee from their homes. We read story after story and saw media footage of how the people of Fort McMurray pulled together to safely evacuate everyone in the town. If you didn’t know it before, you now know that Fort McMurray has a very strong sense of community. There is a rich history and heritage that makes this community what it is today.

The town is now preparing to rebuild and repair the damage caused by the fire, while also working to preserve the structures, artifacts, and archives of Fort McMurray’s past. Before the fire, the Fort McMurray Heritage Society was set to open Heritage Village and Heritage Shipyard to the public. These two destinations will allow residents and tourists to learn about the town’s history by exploring historical buildings, vessels, and artifacts. In the aftermath of the fire, the Heritage Society now faces the struggle to rebuild.

Eos Lightmedia is working with the Fort McMurray Heritage Society on the Heritage Village and Heritage Shipyard projects, providing the lighting design, audio-visual system design, supply and installation, and software programming.

For your donation to the Fort McMurray Heritage Wildfire Appeal, you will receive a tax-deductible donation (for amounts of $50 and more). And 100 per cent of your funds goes directly to the organization in the community striving to preserve the stories and the artifacts of those who helped to establish Fort McMurray.

Heritage Village, Fort McMurray