Museo del Acero Furnace Show

In Monterrey, Mexico, you will find the Museo del Acero, or the Museum of Steel. Museo del Acero is one of the largest museums in Mexico, built around an iconic decommissioned 70 feet tall blast furnace known as Horno3. ┬áHorno3 is the star of Museo’s Furnace Show, an exhibit that uses lighting, media, and special effects to tell the story of Mexico’s history in the steel industry.

Museo del Acero Furnace

The furnace show starts out as a video presenation of a poem written by one of the original steel workers. The poem talks about the hard work and pride of working with the blast furnace. The show then progresses, decribing the process of creating the unrefined iron from the blast furnace. Lighting and special effects supplement the video, animating the process live. For example, when the ore is loaded into the top of the blast furnace the lighting simulates the falling of the rocks on the blast furnace. The sparks smoke and fire are triggered to match the process of drilling out the blast furnace to let the molten steel flow into the channels. The show is concluded with a spectacular show of dynamic lighting and fire effects, bringing the furnace to life.

In 2007, Eos Lightmedia designed, supplied, and installed Museo’s Furnace Show. After 10 years of wear and tear, many of the original lights were LED and were still operating, but the audio and visual playback systems were close to failure and the conventional lights had burned out. Eos Lightmedia was invited back this fall to revitalize the show back to its original glory.

Horno3 now has new strobe lights and LEDs, a new Motu 16A thunderbold audio interface, and a new control system with a custom software and hardware combination.

Museo del Acero Furnace
Museo del Acero Furnace

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