New Royal Alberta Museum Opening in 2018

This year the Royal Alberta Museum has been named by Archtectural Digest as one of the “15 Most Noteworthy Museums Opening This Year”. Along with 14 other museums that will open around the world in 2018, the Royal Alberta Museum is being recognized for its exceptional architectural and cultural significance.

The Royal Alberta Museum, located in the arts district of downtown Edmonton, will open its doors to the world with an impressive collection of artifacts and exhibits that celebrate Alberta’s heritage, culture, and landscapes. As the largest museum in Western Canada, it will feature exhibits on Alberta’s natural history and human history, including a children’s gallery, a bug room, a Rocky Mountain flora gallery, and a Manitou Stone gallery. The destination will also feature a cafe, gift shop, and a welcoming outdoor patio area and gardens.

Royal Alberta Museum exterior view

Eos Lightmedia is pleased to be once again partnering with Kubik to design, supply and integrate a full lighting and control system for the museum.

#RAMwow Royal Alberta Museum

As we eagerly await its grand opening, the Royal Alberta Museum will keep us updated through social media #RAMwow. Each week, a new sneak preview photo will be posted of an artifact or conservation technique you’ll see inside the new exhibits.

Photos courtesy of Royal Alberta Museum