Port of Vancouver Discovery Centre

The Port of Vancouver Discovery Centre at Canada Place is a beautiful multifunctional space for residents and visitors to convene and to learn about the busy goings on of Canada’s largest marine port. Located beside the cruise ships at Canada Place, and tucked under “Fly Over Canada”, the discovery centre includes an interactive exhibit for school children and the public to enjoy, while also providing a comfortable and convenient space for meetings and gatherings.

Long, wide benches serve as a backdrop to touchable, interactive projections that teach visitors about the interconnectivity of the trades, transportation, and wildlife that keep the Port of Vancouver and Burrard Inlet alive with activity. A display case warmly glows at the front of the room, exhibiting a collection of artifacts and models that reflect the history of the port.

When it is time for a meeting, the room is quickly transformed into a lecture space with a large projection screen at the front and comfortable bench-seating for many.

The sturdiness of the benches and the interactive projections were both key players in the success of this project. The benches solidly hold up to curious hands, and sometimes even the occasional belly slide, as well as multiple seated guests. The interactivity of the projections come from sensors that are protected beneath the surface of the benches. In combination, these two components have created an exciting way for people to connect and to discover the Port of Vancouver through doing, touching, watching, hearing and reading.

To learn more about the Port of Vancouver Discovery Centre, please visit or come down to Canada Place and discover it in person!

Port of Vancouver Discovery Centre credits:

Exhibit Design – Paul Conder
Content – Burnkit
Graphic Design – Resolve Design
Lighting Design, Supply & Installation – Eos Lightmedia
Audio Visual System Design, Supply & Installation – Eos Lightmedia