“BOOM!” at Britannia Mine Museum Opens Summer 2019!

This summer, Britannia Mine Museum opens its new theatrical show “BOOM!”. Audiences will get to experience the glory days of Mill No. 3, a 20 storey architectural marvel built into the side of the mountain. The “Mill Show” will involve multiple multimedia screens, presenting the history of Britannia’s boom in the copper mining industry. With exciting, multi-sensory special effects, the old mill will come alive, including a working rail car that cruises up and down a steep track up within the building.

Photo Credit: Britannia Mine Museum

A History of Britannia Mine and the Museum

Britannia Mine is located in Britannia Beach, a picturesque seaside village overlooking Howe Sound, just 55km north of Vancouver, BC. The mine served as one of Canada’s most productive sources of copper in the 1920s and 1930s and ran until 1974. Operating for almost 70 years, Britannia Mine was known for its innovative technology used to process copper ore. A gravity-fed concentrator, which is housed in Mill No. 3, utilized a technique called “froth floatation” to filter valuable copper ore concentrate from low grade ore. The rail car and track that runs from top to bottom of the building was used to transport loads of up to 12 tonnes within the mill. The town of Britannia Beach was made up of the employees of the mine and their families, with the copper mining industry at the heart of it all.

Today, the Britannia Mine Museum, which is on the site of the old mine, strives to preserve the rich history of BC’s mining activities. The museum educates its visitors about the history of the mine, its environmental remediation, and the importance of minerals in our daily lives.

The addition of the museum’s newest show “BOOM!” has been made possible by generous funding contributions by the Government of Canada, as well as fundraising from the BC mining industry and other museum supporters.

Photo Credit: Britannia Mine Museum

Bringing the Team Back Together

To achieve the grand scale of “BOOM!”, the museum turned to the talents of Vista Collaborative Arts and Eos Lightmedia. This isn’t the first time this team has brought an industrial town’s iconic mechanical giant back to life. There are many similarities between the Mill Show at Britannia Mine Museum and Horno 3, the famous blast furnace show they restored at Museo Del Acero in Monterey, Mexico. Using theatrical lighting, special effects, and other multimedia magic, both of these shows vividly bring visitors back to a time when the livelihood of the towns centered around a living, breathing mechanical powerhouse.

BOOM! railcar
Photo Credit: Britannia Mine Museum

Dynamic Attractions, a world renowned company with extensive experience in theme attraction parks and roller coaster rides, worked with 3DS and BOLD event Creative to rebuild the old rail car. After 45 years of lying dormant at the foot its track, the skip will once again transport its load up and down its steep path within the mill.

Photo Credit: Britannia Mine Museum

Eos Lightmedia was excited to be a part of “BOOM!” at Britannia Mine Museum, creating the lighting design and supplying, installing, focussing, and programming the special lighting effects for the Mill Show.

Photo Credit: Britannia Mine Museum

BOOM! at Britannia Mine Museum is scheduled to open in Summer 2019! Stay tuned for more details!