Bringing the Outdoors Inside at the Museum of Anthropology

The exhibition In a Different Light: Reflecting on Northwest Coast Art opens June 22 in the new Gallery of the Northwest Coast Masterworks at the Museum of Anthropology, UBC. The exhibit will display more than 110 historical Indigenous objects, including 30 Indigenous voices in video, audio and text, and one microchip designed to read Point Grey weather patterns.

As described by the Museum of Anthropology, the exhibition “reflects on the roles Indigenous historical artworks have today, told through the voices of contemporary First Nations artists and community members. Indigenous community members are now reconnecting with Northwest Coast objects that were removed from their communities during colonization in the 19th century and rebuilding their past. Through their eyes, you will come to see these artworks in a different light-as teachers, belongings, even legal documents.”

lighting the way Museum of Anthropology
Photo courtesy of MOA.

Bringing the Outdoors Inside

The gallery features a collection of innovative designs and cutting-edge technology, with a range of different media to display the artwork. Light plays an important role in the space, and is designed to create a natural effect. Softbox lighting is connected to a custom chip that adjusts the color temperature and intensity of the indoor light to reflect the changing light of the sky outside. Eos Lightmedia provided custom designed hardware and software solutions for this part of the project.

The effect of bringing outdoor, real-time light patterns to the indoors is a technology that is currently being explored for its impact on health, such as in children’s hospitals. The gallery exhibition will be the first time it has been put into practical application.

Museum of Anthropology softlight box
Photo couresty of MOA.


Grand Opening: Gallery of Northwest Coast Masterworks at the Museum of Anthropology

Join the MOA on Thursday, June 22 at 7pm to celebrate the opening of the new Gallery of Northwest Coast Masterworks and the inaugural exhibition, In a Different Light: Reflecting on Northwest Coast Art.

Where: Museum of Anthropology, UBC, Vancouver Campus

When: Thursday, June 22 from 7pm-10pm