Sails of Light at Canada Place in distant view of Vancouver's skyline.


Eos Lightmedia is an award-winning lighting and audiovisual design firm with international experience in architecture, public spaces, building facades, themed attractions, museums, presentation centers, and public art installations.



For over 25 years, Eos Lightmedia has been designing and building immersive experiences with visual technologies that have attracted, inspired, and delighted audiences around the world.

In that time, our services have expanded to include design, supply, install, and programming, plus maintenance services of lighting and media systems, including their control technology.


  • Douglas Welch, LC, CLD

    Founder, Principal, & Partner

    Douglas has over forty years’ experience and is a globally recognized leader in specialty lighting design for attractions, live entertainment, public spaces, and the urban environment. He is a member of the International Association of Lighting Designers, the Illuminating Engineering Society (I.E.S.) of North America, and the Associated Designers of Canada.

    Douglas is among the world’s first recipients of international C.L.D. designation as a Lighting Certified professional, and he has amassed numerous International Illumination Design Awards.

    For Douglas, it’s all about adrenaline, be it from cars, motorcycles, or rock climbing.

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  • Shaun August

    Managing Director & Partner

    Shaun combines creativity with technical genius in interactive exhibit software development and network and controls design. This, along with years of team mentorship, makes him the perfect fit to lead Eos Lightmedia.

    Shaun has worked with leading designers and technologists to design, manage, and deliver lighting projects for themed attractions and immersive destinations worldwide.

    His work reflects an ethos that the most inspired solutions come from brilliant people of diverse backgrounds.

    When he’s not working, mind-bending puzzles and long bike rides keep Shaun in a happy place.

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  • Bobby Baines

    Director of Integration & Partner

    With thirty-five years in the industry, Bobby understands that solid relationships are the result of creating win-win situations.

    Working with the world’s best museum and themed attraction designers, fabricators, and contractors, Bobby is known for accurate budgeting, cost estimates, specifications, and efficient supply chain management. He communicates clearly and ahead of need, and understands lighting systems, supply chain, and complex integrations like few others in the business.

    Bobby’s dream is to take on a large project in Hawaii. He enjoys escaping into the woods with his family.

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  • Yves Gagnon

    Director of Finance

    Yves is a lifelong student and teacher of economics and finance.

    In addition to managing company finances, Yves oversees the procurement and delivery of specialized lighting and audiovisual equipment to Eos Lightmedia projects worldwide. He is an economist and entrepreneur with experience in supply chain management and import/export logistics for projects across the United States, Europe, and China.

    Yves makes sure that projects happen on time and budget.

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  • Steve Bedard, Senior Lighting Designer

    Steve Bedard, LC

    Director of Design

    Steve leads our drafting and design office in Vancouver. His vast experience as a designer, programmer, and integrator enables him to communicate clearly across trades and disciplines, and to deliver results throughout the specialty design-build process.

    Unifying his experience in environmental and architectural design, commercial photography, and construc:on, Steve has built an award-winning lighting design portfolio. He evokes a sense of discovery, and he designs to feed people’s love for exploration and surprise.

    Steve enjoys quality craft beer and his vinyl record collection.

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  • Man Bun 💯

    Scott Hendrickson

    Director of Special Projects

    Scott travels extensively to connect with clients on current projects, synthesize ideas for new ones, and to steer them to success.

    A specialist in immersive experiences and interactive technologies, he has a deep understanding of how even the most complex systems can work together. Scott’s people-centric design approach informs his lighting, audiovisual, and implementation work on projects in the museum, theatre, premium retail, public art, and architectural worlds.

    Before Eos Lightmedia, Scott worked as a designer, programmer, and lighting board operator in the live entertainment industry.

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  • John Mears

    Director of Business Development

    As Eos Lightmedia’s head of business development, John has over twenty years of specification sales experience and customer advocacy in the lighting industry. He has spent his career working closely with the design community on high-profile museum, retail, and themed projects.

    John is a highly sought industry speaker and guest lecturer for the museum design programs of tier-one universities. He has a Bachelor of Science from Syracuse University, a Master of Business Administration from Northeastern University, and is a member of the Illuminating Engineering Society (I.E.S) of North America.

    With his love of music, innovation, and collaboration, it’s not surprising that John’s dream project would involve lighting and audiovisual for a future Grateful Dead museum.

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  • Eugene Mendelev

    Senior Lighting Designer

    Eugene has over twenty years designing lighting, control, and show programming solutions. While his background in live production design, theatre consulting, and installation management guides his work, he most enjoys collaborating with creative teams to help spaces tell stories.

    Eugene maintains a heavy travel schedule to ensure a tight connection to ongoing projects. His work in the museum, themed attraction, and architecture industries has been recognized by the Illuminating Engineering Society and Live Design. He is a member of IATSE Local 118 and the Associated Designers of Canada.

    Eugene feeds off the energy of people and enjoys putting in time with the recovery, LGBTQ+, and other organizations with which he volunteers.

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  • Laura Porée, LC

    Senior Lighting Designer

    Laura is Eos Lightmedia’s in-house expert on code requirements and international lighting standards. She is a strong contributor whose use of modelling and advanced light studies ensures the most accurate designs.

    Laura has been with Eos Lightmedia since the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games. Her combined knowledge of architectural design, fine art, and the film industry contributes to an approach that is as disciplined as it is creative.

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  • Kathlene Graham

    Design Analyst - Lighting & AV

    Kathlene is a details-led designer of lighting and exhibit networks and controls. She is invaluable as a project coordinator, providing quality control for drafting, drawings, and equipment specifications.

    Kathlene’s rounded industry experience includes earlier Eos Lightmedia roles in purchasing, operations, and office management.

    She studied technical theatre and theatre design at Douglas College and Simon Fraser University, respectively. Kathlene is also passionate about teaching lighting concepts to curious kids.

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  • Ward Conley

    Project Manager & Technologist

    Ward brings decades of cross-industry experience to the Eos Lightmedia team.

    As Project Manager, Ward coordinates the detailing, scheduling, and implementation of select projects. His career depth includes technical sales for a lighting agency, design for architectural and theatrical lighting, control system commissioning, and audiovisual system installation.

    Ward loves using the office whiteboard to teach our staff about waveforms and packets.

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  • Jamie O'Connor

    Jamie O'Connor

    Lighting & Audiovisual Designer

    Jamie works on the design, integration, and programming of audiovisual systems. His toolkit includes 2-D and 3-D drafting, pre-visualization, rendering, lighting calculations, projection studies, and computer programming for specialty control applications.

    Jamie is proud of recent projects for Vancouver International Airport (YVR) and the Wanuskewin Heritage Park Museum in Saskatchewan that honour indigenous cultures and the natural environment while delighting visitors.

    He has a Bachelor of Science in Product Design from the Dublin Institute of Technology. Jamie loves to run and work out at the gym.

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  • Stefan Zubovic

    Stefan Zubovic

    Project Manager & Programmer

    Stefan began producing lighting displays, at the age of seventeen, when he designed a light show on the LED media facade on the roof of Vancouver’s B.C. Place Stadium. Since then, he has designed for Vancouver’s most notable architectural lighting installations and has realized multimedia projects across North America.

    His experience with producing lighting and audiovisual shows, show control, system networking and pre-visualization has allowed him to collaborate on many kinds of projects ranging from pyrotechnic shows to public light art features.

    Stefan has won numerous Live Design awards for his work and is a recipient of the Live Design 30 under 30 Award.

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  • Joel Grinke

    Creative Technologist

    Joel is an award-winning audiovisual designer and projection studies specialist who loves fun and engaging experiences powered by cutting-edge interactive technology and beautiful visuals. For Joel, technology is germane to the storytelling experience. It can enhance the scene or even take center-stage.

    Joel himself has been center-stage as a theatre performer. His love for the intersection of theatre, guest experience, and technology has guided his work designing visuals and control systems for a long list of applications: theatre productions, museums, retail, churches, live events, long-term installations, and concerts.

    He has long been a fan of Walt Disney, which is no surprise given Joel’s propensity for believing that the impossible is anything but, and then bringing it to life.

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  • Damhnait McKenna

    Damhnait McKenna

    Office Manager

    Damhnait manages the Eos Lightmedia office, including administration, hardware and labor quotations, procurement, supply chain management, and expediting projects. She also has experience in technology management, bookkeeping, and marketing.

    Damhnait enjoys family time, playing football, and listening to music while tackling a tight deadline.

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  • Gillian Wolpert

    Gillian Wolpert

    Site Supervisor

    Gillian is a commissioning expert and a manager of site services, installation, and integration teams. Before joining Eos Lightmedia, she spent two decades in entertainment as a lighting designer, programmer, and technical director. Gillian has also toured extensively throughout North America and Europe with various theatre and dance companies.

    Gillian would love to explore new intersections of the natural and artificial world, including open-air projects and especially the use of lighting in botanical gardens. Her creativity also extends to glass blowing and playing the guitar and ukulele.

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  • Vanessa Tang

    Design & Administrative Assistant

    Vanessa is a designer and project manager with experience in lighting design and stage management for theatre and concert production. She also provides translation services, logistics, and administrative support.

    Vanessa is a graduate of the Bachelor of Fine Arts program at the University of British Columbia. She loves to lose herself in drafting and in ideating new facades for iconic and emerging skylines, especially in the Asian market.

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  • Shireen Khimani Headshot

    Shireen Khimani

    Marketing Manager

    While Eos Lightmedia illuminates the client’s story, Shireen plans and executes everything that goes into telling ours.

    As Marketing Manager, Shireen’s background in business-to-business and experiential marketing helps her to establish the prominence of the Eos Lightmedia’ brand in the most relevant markets, and to forge deep industry connections around the globe.

    Outside of work, Shireen is happiest while listening to music and baking.

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  • Sara Smith

    Lighting & Audiovisual Designer

    Sara designs lighting, audiovisual, and exhibit networks and controls. Her experience includes 2-D and 3-D drafting, lighting design for live events (theatre, opera, and corporate), and lighting technician work for live events.

    Sara believes that making time stand still allows a guest to experience a place or event as opposed to merely visiting it.

    She has a graphic design diploma from Toronto Film School and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of British Columbia. Sara is also a member of the Associated Designers of Canada.

    At home, she loves knitting and crochet.

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  • Trish Hann

    Project Manager

    Trish specializes in supply chain and project management. She is trusted by designers, construction companies, and government clients to balance highly varied and challenging requirements. Her career in the high-end exhibit industry also includes graphic production and account management.

    Trish gains and contributes energy when working on teams composed of diverse backgrounds. She has a reputation for reliability, which means clients can count on Trish to be responsive, transparent, and to apply a no-nonsense approach to making complicated projects go smoothly.

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  • Luke Ellis, CLD

    Senior Lighting Designer

    Luke is a lighting designer whose work spans the architectural, hospitality, and entertainment industries around the globe. He has a background in arts and entertainment that fosters creativity when designing for the built environment.

    Luke has been honoured by the Illuminating Engineering Societies (IES) of Australia and New Zealand as well as the Hospitality Industry Network of America.

    Originally from Australia, Luke enjoys British Columbia’s outdoors on both his mountain bike and snowboard.

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  • Steve Graves

    Technologist & Developer

    Steve is a programmer and technologist for both client and Eos Lightmedia in-house projects.

    With a background in audiovisual design and interactive exhibit software development, Steve has won numerous awards for digital innovation.

    Steve’s industry experience includes advertising, marketing, digital strategy, and product management for both start-ups and Fortune 500 enterprises.

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  • Sammie Hatch

    Administrative Assistant

    Sammie helps run the Eos Lightmedia office, answering phone calls, managing shipping and receiving, and interacting with clients and suppliers.

    She has Canada-wide experience in stage management, production management, and sound design. Sammie’s also a member of the Associated Designers of Canada.

    She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of British Columbia. Sammie loves to cook almost as much as she enjoys working methodically through an aggressive list of essential tasks.

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  • Beau Cooper


    Beau is a designer and certified drafter specializing in architectural and mechanical design, audiovisual design, pre-visualization, and 3-D modelling. He has a background in residential and commercial interior design and finishing.

    Beau joined Eos Lightmedia’s growing design and detailing team to assist in 2-D and 3-D drafting and modelling during the design and construction process.

    Beau loves rolling up his sleeves for new challenges, and stays sharp and refreshed by reading and listening to music.

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  • John Gower

    Project Manager

    As the head of a production team known for making the extraordinary a reality, John manages projects for some of the world’s top exhibit contractors, designers, and manufacturers in our museum and themed attraction markets.

    John’s skills are grounded in structural design, engineering, and construction. He has designed and built everything from mixed-use complexes and film sets to museum exhibits, interactive displays, and other technology-rich environments.

    Whether on a project, a mountain bike, or a surfboard, John is wholly committed. “The trail or the wave knows when you’re not focused. It demands all of you. But once you find your flow, there’s nothing like it.”

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  • Patrick Smith

    Lighting & Audiovisual Designer

    At Eos Lightmedia, Patrick helps realize the vision of each project through the adaptation of technology and design and the belief that every project has its own unique voice that is realized and strengthened through collaboration and its human connections.

    Patrick brings over fifteen years of experience in bringing life to space and form for theatre, dance, music, and live events. His work has been seen in TED Talks, on various stages in Canada, and included traveling the globe with Ballet British Columbia.

    Patrick has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of British Columbia and a Diploma of Theatre Production & Design from Mount Royal College.

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  • Sam Thompson

    Shipping & Logistics Specialist

    Sam has amassed over 25 years experience in retail, warehousing and shipping/receiving and has developed significant skills for moving projects large and small forward efficiently. He has strong organizational abilities, and is comfortable coordinating multiple parts of projects in Canada, the United States and internationally. He feels that open, clear communication is the key to solving and overcoming the myriad hurdles encountered in day-to-day management of complicated situations.

    Sam relishes working as part of a team to bring projects to life, and thrives on all the different people and personalities his job brings him into contact with daily. Sam has spent his entire life in love with music and literature, and fills his spare time with as much of both as he possibly can.

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  • Ifraz Ahmed

    Software Developer

    Ifraz has has been lifelong fan of technology and disruption. His fascination for technology has led him to build numerous machines/programs which work most of the time. His hunger for knowledge and creativity has led him to become the youngest member of the Eos Lightmedia family.

    As a Software Developer, Ifraz writes code and builds software experiences that pushes boundaries. He writes custom apps with automation devices that perfectly complement lighting experiences. He aspires to combine modern technologies like AR/VR into physical spaces while creating an immersive experience unmatched by the real world. He strongly believes in introducing AI to design better live experiences. In his free time, you can find Ifraz building apps and devices that bring the world closer to the future. And, he loves doing stand up comedy.

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Awards & Recognition

It’s nice to be noticed! Here is a sample of some of the awards we have won and the recognition we have received in the press and from clients.