Douglas Coupland’s Vortex Opens at the Vancouver Aquarium

Douglas Coupland’s Vortex is now open at the Vancouver Aquarium! The Vortex art installation is a fascinating and intense reminder of the existence of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and the world’s ocean plastic crisis.

Douglas Coupland, who is world-renowned for his literary and visual art, had been collecting marine garbage from BC beaches for some time when he decided to create a project that explored society’s fascination with plastic and the impact it has on our oceans. By teaming up with the Vancouver Aquarium, Coupland was able to accomplish the large scale of the project and convey a strong environmental message about the world’s marine garbage problem. From this installation, he hopes that people will be able to visualize how much garbage is actually littering our oceans and to reflect upon their own relationship with disposable plastics.

The new Vortex installation is found in the lower level of the Vancouver Aquarium, staged in the old manta ray tank. It features an old battered Japanese fishing boat that carries four passengers that represent the past, present, and future of our relationship with plastic. The boat, which was found and recovered from the beaches of Haida Gwaii six years after the Japan Tsunami of 2011, now bobs and sways back and forth in a sea of waves, mist, and an assortment of marine debris.

Eos Lightmedia is excited to be a part of Coupland’s “Vortex”. We designed, supplied and installed the lighting for the project. We also created and installed the machinery to ‘rock the boat’ and set up the fog system that creates the low lying mist that surrounds the boat. We programmed the whole system to work together and trigger the various effects at set times.

Visit the Vancouver Aquarium between May 18, 2018 and April 30, 2019 to experience Douglas Coupland’s “Vortex”!


Video and Photo Credits:

Vancouver Aquarium