Royal Alberta Museum Opens October 3, 2018

The new Royal Alberta Museum opens on October 3, 2018!

In less than a week, the long-awaited Royal Alberta Museum opens its doors to the public. The construction of the new building was completed in 2016, but the complex task of transitioning the exhibits to the new site took a little longer than expected. 2.4 million artifacts and exhibit pieces were carefully moved, including a large collection of live insects that needed to acclimatize to their new home in the bug gallery. The museum also took time to consult with Indigenous advisory panel members, as Indigenous history is a common theme presented throughout the galleries. Alberta’s Culture and Tourism Minister Ricardo Miranda stated in a news conference, “Moving all those pieces, engaging with Indigenous people to tell their stories in culturally meaningful ways that are respectful, takes a lot of time, takes a lot of conversation,”. He called the project a “journey filled with hard work, passion, dedication, and of course, a lot of moving parts.”

Royal Alberta Museum Opens October 3, 2018

With a total area of 419,00 square feet, the Royal Alberta Museum is now Western Canada’s largest museum. A total of $375.5 million was invested in the new project: $253 million by the Alberta government, and $122.5 million from the federal government’s Building Canada Fund. Eos Lightmedia designed, supplied, and installed the exhibit lighting for this project.

Some of the exhibits in the new museum will include:

• A human history hall
• A natural history hall
• A large bug room
• An interactive children’s area
• A feature gallery that will have rotating exhibits
• Manitou Stone Gallery

Royal Alberta Museum Opens October 3, 2018

The province announced that the public will be able to visit the museum free of charge for the first six days of its opening.

Although online tickets have now been sold out, there will be approximately 10,000 spots available for walk-up admission and Mammoth Pass holders during their opening weekend.

During its first week, the Royal Alberta Museum will be open:

October 3: noon – 5 p.m.

October 4: 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.

October 5-8: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

If you don’t get a chance to see the Royal Alberta Museum yourself, check back here in a week for some photos of the new exhibits!

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