Metal sculpture of football player about to throw ball in 49ers Museum, Santa Clara.

49ers Museum

Santa Clara, California
20,000 Square feet
August, 2014
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Levi’s® Stadium is home to the NFL San Francisco 49ers.

Inside the stadium lies a unique museum with eleven galleries and exhibit spaces where visitors of all ages can explore the team’s winning past, get the latest news on what’s trending… and take a look into the future.

  • Eos Lightmedia was hired to design lighting for the exhibit and gallery areas within this bold architectural space, which includes a variety of discrete experiences, from the stories of legendary players to recently curated artifacts.

    Our overarching goal was to further the NFL team’s cohesive story across these disparate environments. Eos created an exhibit lighting system based exclusively on energy-efficient, solid-state luminaires and programmed thousands of channels to immerse visitors in the audio-visual experience.

  • In the Hall of Fame, visitors listen to audio narration about the team’s successes through the years. As each player and coach recounts their memories, respective statues are illuminated. In the spiralled Heritage gallery, flashes of the team colors dash down the curved Corian walls as the legend of “The Catch” unfolds on multiple screens.

    The result is a highly innovative and immersive experience that sets a new standard for engaging visitors in the story of a sports dynasty.

Client: Cambridge Seven Associates (for lighting design)
Client: The Taylor Group (for procurement & installation)
Exhibit Design: Cambridge Seven Associates
Exhibit Lighting Design: Eos Lightmedia
Exhibit Fabricator: The Taylor Group
Exhibit Lighting Supply, Installation & Focus: Eos Lightmedia
Programming & Commissioning: Eos Lightmedia
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