A Cloud Scatters Light-Moda public art installation. A 30 foot long, 4 to 6 foot tall outdoor plexiglass and cement wall that is lit up in yellow light.

A Cloud Scatters Light – Moda

Burnaby, British Columbia
30' long x 4'-6" tall
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In the heart of Burnaby’s Metrotown neighbourhood rises Moda, a real-estate project developed by Polygon Homes as “an architectural statement.”

Polygon selected Eos Lightmedia to create site-specific light-based interactive artwork to enhance the vibrant community’s art walk.

  • Working within the constraints of a 30’ wall that varies from 4’ to 6’ tall, we incorporated programmable pixels on a colour-changing background. As befits the Lower Mainland, the work mirrors a cloud passing by: The way the light comes together to form a cloud, the way it floats, the manner in which it shapes the earth—and the passing, transitory nature of its structure.

  • As residents walk by the wall’s surface, a cloud forms; as people linger, the clouds grow. Over time, once people pass by, the clouds dissipate. The piece receives input on local weather conditions and changes colour accordingly: storms and disruptive weather patterns bring forth crimson and reds; calmer days are communicated through cool blues, while days of bright sunshine transform the piece into yellows and golds.

  • As a dynamic and yet practical piece of art, A Cloud Scatters Light keeps residents engaged through ever-changing shapes and colours—and also subtly reminds them when they might need an umbrella.

Client: Polygon Homes
Public Art Conception & Design: Eos Lightmedia
System Engineering, Prototyping & Testing: Eos Lightmedia
Fabrication & Installation: Eos Lightmedia
Programming & Commissioning: Eos Lightmedia
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