Main Gallery of History of Steel Museum. A large overhead ‘ribbon of steel’ glows yellow and winds its way through the gallery.

History of Steel Museum

Monterrey, Mexico
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For decades, steelmaking was an integral part of the economic fabric of Monterrey, Mexico.

With the industry’s demise, the city sought not only to regain economic vibrancy, but also to keep this part of its cultural history alive, particularly for younger generations. The History of Steel Museum and Gallery is an interactive experience and multimedia theatre that tells the story of how this particular furnace helped to shape the city’s economy and culture.

  • Many of the visitors are elementary school aged children and the entire space needed to be engaging, bright and dynamic—the kind of design that would keep the attention of kids at their most distractible age. To that end, the exhibits are designed to be hands-on, using interactive media technologies.

  • Eos Lightmedia was contracted to design, install and program lighting for the exhibits. One of the gallery’s highlights is an overhead ‘ribbon of steel’ that guides visitors and immerses them in the steelmaking experience.

International Illumination Design Award
IES BC Section Vision Award
Client: Aldrich Pears Associates (for lighting design)
Client: The Taylor Group (for procurement & integration)
Exhibit Design: Aldrich Pears Associates
Exhibit Fabricator: The Taylor Group
Exhibit Lighting Design & Installation: Eos Lightmedia
Installation, Programming & Commissioning: Eos Lightmedia
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