Opus Hotel is bathed in a 9 story wash of color (purple, green, and blue), overlaid with slowly moving patterns of light at Illuminate Yaletown 2009.

Illuminate Yaletown 2009

Vancouver, BC
city block
February, 2009
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In the winter month of February, the Yaletown Business Improvement Association launched an outdoor lighting festival to give Vancouverites a dose of fresh air as well as some artistic inspiration.

The Association turned to the Eos  team to create some keynote visual experiences for the event.

  • The Eos team covered the Opus Hotel in a 9 story wash of color, overlaid with slowly moving patterns. The effect was incredible, and was definitely a photo favorite.

  • Around the side of the Opus we utilized public interaction with our touch screen “Light Graffiti” program. Passersby were able to write messages projected on the 9-story surface and paint their own graphics.

Client: Yaletown Business Improvement Association
Creative Direction & Artist Management: Eos Lightmedia
Lighting Design: Eos Lightmedia
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