Jack Chow Building

Jack Chow Building

Vancouver, BC
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The Jack Chow Building is a fascinating historical landmark that is well known in Vancouver’s Chinatown.

Designated as a heritage site, this quirky structure measures only 4 feet, 10 inches wide, earning a spot in the Guinness Book of Records as the “World’s Narrowest Commercial Building”. The building, which is home to Jack Chow Insurance, was renovated in 2016.  A new glass facade now extends the space and glass blocks line the sidewalk, creating a backdrop for beautifully synchronized light and music displays that showcase the unique architecture of the building.

  • Eos Lightmedia worked with project designer, Rod Chow of World's Famous Building Corporation, to create a dramatic re-imagining of the building. A new lighting design functionally illuminates the building, while highlighting its unique architectural features and new glass vestibule. Eos Lightmedia provided the control system design and programming for this project to integrate interior and exterior lighting, functional lighting, and to run the light shows.

  • LEDNeonflex lights are used throughout the project to create a neon-like lighting effect, staying true to the lighting style of Chinatown’s past. CueServers are used to control approximately 850 RGB devices, along with 50 additional control points for general lighting and signage. The show's audio soundtrack and weekly playback schedule are also controlled by CueServer. An app allows the client to adjust lighting around the building and initiate different light shows.

  • The Jack Chow Building was awarded the Live Design Excellence Award in Architainment in 2016 and an Illuminating Engineering Society of British Columbia (IES) Award of Merit in 2017.

Live Design Excellence Award in Architainment 2016
IESBC-Vision Award of Merit 2017
Project Designer: Rod Chow
Control System Design & Programming: Eos Lightmedia
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