Luminaries at Brookfield Place

Luminaries at Brookfield Place

New York, NY
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Eos Lightmedia worked with Maltbie to answer the call for Rockwell Group’s Luminaries public lighting program at Brookfield Place in Lower Manhattan.

Looking to create a community holiday tradition of sharing and connection, Luminaries created three glowing Wishing Stations that invite visitors to take a moment to reflect and “transform” their wishes into mesmerizing displays of light.

  • Each station includes a touch-sensitive Corian light box that pulses in response to their touch and sends a burst of color and light into the canopy above.

  • The installation consists of 650 translucent lanterns embedded with RGB LEDs that hang in a dynamic canopy of light up to 45 feet off the ground. Eos selected the fixtures, created the electrical data layouts, created the interactive kiosk software and hardware designs and assisted Rockwell's programmers and Brookfield's on site tech team with the installation.

Designer: Rockwell Group
Show Programmer: Rockwell Group
Fabricator: Maltbie
Lighting, Networking Equipment & Custom Interactive Hardware Supply: Eos Lightmedia
Interactive Hardware & Software: Eos Lightmedia
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