Metro Vancouver Board Room

Metro Vancouver Boardroom & Offices

Burnaby, BC
250,000 sq ft
spring 2018
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The new Metro Vancouver Boardroom & Offices are spacious, airy, and well-lit.

Metro Vancouver recently relocated their offices from a building constructed in the mid 1980s that required significant revitalization and renovation. They now reside in a 29-storey LEED® Platinum office building in Burnaby’s Metrotown Centre. The new site offers green building design, lower operating costs and a lighter environmental footprint.

  • The new building has a number of sustainability features, including:
    • Energy-efficient lighting and heating systems that require 25% less energy than the old office
    • Circulated filtered fresh outdoor air and optimized indoor temperature
    • Non-toxic building materials and low-odour paints
    • More natural daylight

  • Eos Lightmedia provided architectural lighting design services for the new Board Room, public spaces, common areas, and offices. The energy efficient lighting system supports meetings, AV presentations and broadcast needs. The results of Eos's design has helped Metro Vancouver provide a greener, healthier, and more comfortable place for its members to work.