A seventy-meter tall blast furnace lit up in blue light at the Museo del Acero Furnace Show.

Museo del Acero Furnace Show

Monterrey, Mexico
2300 square metres
September, 2007
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How do you turn a rusting, decommissioned steel furnace into a desirable attraction for locals and tourists?

By bringing it back to life in a way that immerses visitors in the history of the steel-making industry. In Monterrey Mexico, the Museo del Acero uses lighting, media, and special effects to tell the story of a seventy-meter tall blast furnace.

  • Eos Lightmedia was presented with this challenge: to make the furnace not only interesting but also experiential. Using 800 LED light fixtures and more than 2,000 DMX control channels to synchronize the lighting effects with fire, smoke, steam, video and moving scenery, Eos created an immersive experience that visually simulates the furnace‚Äôs original function. Not only did we conceive and design the light show; Eos managed the entire lighting integration from concept through design, supply, and installation to final programming of the experience on-site in Mexico.

  • The furnace show is a unique attraction that has been a considerable success for the facility. The lighting and effects serve a dual purpose, not only do they play a significant role in telling the story of the furnace but the system is programmed to facilitate special events in the space. We are proud to have been a part of this project, which received an International Illumination Design Award and IES BC Vision Award.

International Illumination Design Award
IES BC Vision Award
Client: Aldrich Pears Associates (for lighting design)
Client: The Taylor Group (for procurement & integration)
Exhibit Design: Aldrich Pears Associates
Exhibit Fabricator: The Taylor Group
Exhibit Lighting Design: Eos Lightmedia
Installation, Programming & Commissioning: Eos Lightmedia
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