Museum of Science and Technology-interior

Museum of Science and Technology in Islam

Thuwal, Saudi Arabia
275 square metres
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During the First Golden Age of Islam (650-1650CE), numerous Muslim scholars contributed significantly to fields ranging from chemistry to applied mathematics.

The Museum of Science and Technology in Islam (MOSTI) at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, in Thuwal, Saudi Arabia, pays tribute to these scholars. Visitors use myriad contemporary technologies—ranging from touchscreens to automated scale models—to discover the story of ancient science.

  • Eos Lightmedia was invited to supply and install all the lighting equipment in a very short time frame. To complicate matters, the installation coincided with the holy month of Ramadan, which created logistical challenges for all aspects of the project.

  • On short notice, we procured equipment including exhibit track lighting, immersive colour washes, special effects projectors, automated luminaires, and a sophisticated lighting control system. Eos arranged the necessary documentation as well as expedited shipping to the site. Our site supervisor and installation crew installed the fixtures, effects equipment, and a DMX control system. Under the direction of the lighting designers from Available Light, the Eos staff programmed the completed system using both theatrical and architectural lighting controllers.

    The museum opened on time, and today it continues to raise awareness of Islamic contributions to science and technology, as well as inspire new inventions and technologies.

Client: MTE Studios, Dubai
Project Manager: Archie McKenzie
Supply, Installation & Focus: Eos Lightmedia
Exhibit Lighting Design: Available Light
Programming & Commissioning: Eos Lightmedia
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