Pink, orange, and purple lights travel along a huge 120 foot chain of DNA at the Nature Research Center.

Nature Research Center

Raleigh, North Carolina
80,000 square feet
May, 2012
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As one of two parts of the Museum of Natural Sciences in downtown Raleigh, the Nature Research Center contains three levels of exhibits, interactive displays and hands-on laboratories in 80,000 square feet.

Eos Lightmedia was contracted to work with the lighting designer and exhibit fabricator to bring ancient nature and contemporary science to life through custom lighting and effects—including an effect that launches from a screen, travels along a 120’ chain of DNA and wraps itself around the skeleton of a baby T-Rex.

  • Raleigh has stringent electrical inspection standards and all exhibit lighting was to be integrated into the main building lighting control system to allow individual control over every fixture and graphic in the space. To accomplish this, Eos created custom lighting control hardware and software including custom power and control enclosures that were field tested and certified to meet ETL standards.

  • Eos also supplied LED video arrays, colour washes, special effects and all backlit signage and graphics, along with reader rails and several custom pieces. One custom piece was an interactive model that transforms the building’s energy efficiency systems into a visual display using more than 1,000 programmable points of custom LEDs.

    The result was lighting and special effects that enhance both the physical exhibits and the audio-visual content, creating an immersive and dynamic visitor experience.

Exhibit Fabricator: Maltbie-A Kubik Company
Lighting Design: David Weiner Design
Custom Manufacturing: Eos Lightmedia
Supply, Installation & Focus: Eos Lightmedia
Programming & Commissioning: Eos Lightmedia
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