River Green Presentation Centre. A contemporary glass-covered building is lit up in glowing blue light.

River Green Presentation Centre

Richmond, British Columbia
4000 square feet
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River Green brings waterfront elegance to Richmond, next door to the iconic Richmond Speed Skating Oval.

Eos Lightmedia was asked to reinforce the property’s brand with light and colour throughout the 4,000-square-foot sales centre. We designed, supplied and installed the centre’s interior exhibit lighting as well as the programmable colour-changing features.

  • River Green’s logo was printed on window blinds; we washed these with colour-changing lights that animate the logo. After dark, the blinds automatically lower, and passers-by are treated to a colour-changing light show. For easy user control we created an iPhone app specifically for the client, which controls the lights and shades as well as the audio-visual system within the sales centre.

  • Beyond selling real estate, the sales centre became a work of art in itself, treating residents and prospects alike to a festival of ever changing light that subtly reinforces the project’s brand.

Client: The Taylor Group
Exhibit Design: Envisioning & Storytelling
Exhibit Fabricator: The Taylor Group
Control System Design & Programming: Eos Lightmedia
Specialty Lighting Design: Eos Lightmedia
Custom Lighting Control Interface: Eos Lightmedia
Installation, Programming & Commissioning: Eos Lightmedia
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