Southeast False Creek Energy Centre. Five smoke stacks, with colored glowing purple panels at the top of each.

Southeast False Creek Energy Centre

Vancouver, BC
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How do you convince a community that prides itself on gallery art and craft beer to see the beauty of a sewage treatment plant in their midst?

By turning it into a work of art!

  • False Creek Heat Exchange
  • False Creek Heat Exchange
  • The Southeast False Creek Energy Centre is the first application of sewage heat recovery of its kind in North America. PECHET and ROBB Art and Architecture transformed the industrial heat plant into a landmark art piece. The lighting supplier, CDM2 Lightworks, created a programmable lighting system to monitor and respond to changes in energy production at the Centre. Eos Lightmedia worked closely with the artists and the lighting supplier to develop custom electronic controls and to program the energy-monitoring interface.

  • False Creek residents, cyclists, drivers and pedestrians crossing the Cambie Bridge into downtown Vancouver are treated to a three-dimensional, iridescent art display at the top of the smoke stacks, with pulsing colour changes as energy production levels vary.

  • False Creek Heat Exchange
Client: CDM2 Lightworks for the City of Vancouver
Public Artist: PECHET + ROBB Art and Architecture
Control System Design & Engineering: Eos Lightmedia
Custom Control System Supply: Eos Lightmedia
Programming & Commissioning: Eos Lightmedia
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