A large multi-coloured video screen hangs over a white model of the real estate development at the Station Square Presentation Centre.

Station Square Presentation Centre

Burnaby, BC
4000 square feet
November, 2012
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One of Burnaby’s most ambitious master plans is Station Square, a new development that will include seven high rise buildings built and brought to market over a seven year period. Such a project requires a masterpiece of a presentation centre.

Eos Lightmedia was hired to design a flexible lighting system that could be easily upgraded as technology improves during the project’s build out—and therefore, the sales centre’s lifecycle.

  • Eos installed two video walls in the model room. The smaller of the video walls features two integrated touchscreens that control a large amenities map. Eos designed and supplied an additional eight touchscreens, as well as dynamic sunrise and sunset lighting effects in the display suites—to give visitors an immersive preview of how their homes will look throughout the day. We also provided background audio, as well as IT infrastructure, security cameras and monitoring software to ensure the building’s integrity—and the developers’ peace of mind.

  • Eos designed and provided the client with a custom iPad interface, which allows the entire light and audio-visual system to be controlled from a single screen. With the touch of one button, staff can bring to life all the displays, music and lighting, which frees up their time to focus on selling real estate, rather than navigating technology.

Client: Anthem Properties
Audio-Visual Systems Designer: Eos Lightmedia
Control System Design & Programming: Eos Lightmedia
Specialty Lighting Design: Eos Lightmedia
Software Programming: Eos Lightmedia
Lighting Controls & Installation: Eos Lightmedia
Programming & Commissioning: Eos Lightmedia
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